Master Every Step of the Sales Process

If you sell a high-ticket product or service we’ll help you launch, grow, and scale by mastering every step of the sales process.

Our clients include coaches, B2B consultants, agency owners, and service providers. 150+ businesses have grown from six- to seven-figure run rates by working with us. Over a dozen have hit 8-figures.

We’ve also recruited 3,000+ sales reps for our clients. In 2021, our top 10 sales reps produced $27,770,426 in revenue.

I'm a business owner I'm a salesperson

tyler narducci done for you agency program

“…Working with Coaching Sales has been the best ROI of any program I've ever bought.”
Tyler Narducci, Done-For-You Agency Program


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How We Help Business Owners

Depending on what stage of business you're in (see: the 4 phases of scale) we know exactly what you need to work on and how to get to the next level.

High Ticket Success DWY program
High-Ticket Success

If you're just starting out, the key is simplicity. We'll work with you to optimize your offer, book calls, and close them.

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scale your sales closer recruitment and training program
Scale Your Sales

Once you get traction the bad news is you'll be spending all day on sales calls. The good news is we can get you off the phones.

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Successful CEOs mentorship program
Successful CEOs

Congratulations, you're the owner of a million-dollar business. Now it's time to develop your skills as a CEO.

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jr rivas instant leverage

“…I sometimes feel like I'm robbing you guys. What I've put in compared to what I gotten out has been insane and it's the best ROI product I've gotten in the last 2-3 years…”
JR Rivas, Instant Leverage

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Aleric Heck

“8 of our 10 sales reps came from”

Jeff Miller
Cool Beans Digital

“I saved 3-4 hrs per day & got a higher yield on sales calls.”

David Melman

“Their closers brought in $10 million in sales”

JR Rivas
Instant Leverage

“I thought I could build a sales team myself.”

Jay & Samera H.
Trailer Cash Academy

“Taking sales calls all day was hurting our marriage.”

Jim Fisher

“You guys are just dialed in. We're on a rocket ship.”

Connor Robertson

“No question, hands-down the best investment we've made this year.”

Ahmad Munawar
Boutique Growth

“Ultimately, this Setter program is what unlocked scale in my business.”

Lani Nalu
Life Coach For Women

“This is the most impactful thing we've done in our business.”

David & Elle D.
Jumpstart Go

“We went from $30,000/month to $100,000/month in 30 days.”

Eddie Hanline
Client Forest

“I used to be a highly-paid freelancer before working with Mike Mark.”

Tyler Narducci
Done-For-You Agency Program

“We went from zero to $70,000/month in 3 months.”

Joel Kaplan
Agency Lab

“Our sales team did $100,000+ our first month working together.”

Landon Stewart
Clients & Community

“We did $24,000 in sets collected in two weeks.”

Kev Charlie
Real Beauty Bosses

“We went from $25,000/month to $60,000/month with just one sales rep.”

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How We Help Salespeople

Whether you're looking to start a new career in remote sales or you're an experienced closer looking for your next offer, we've got you.

High-Ticket Simple Sales Coaching Program
Sales Mastery
Rainmaker Alliance

If you want to start a career in consultative sales, you need to master the skills that'll turn you into a full-stack salesperson.

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Sales Recruitment for 7-figure closers
Sales Recruitment
Only for experienced salespeople

If you're an experienced salesperson with a proven 7-figure track record, we'd love to get you on the hottest high-ticket offers in the market.

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CJ Ramos 7-figure high-ticket closer

“When I reached out to the Coaching Sales team, I was coming out of a really difficult time in my life. They busted their a** to not only place me at a really good company but also help me continue to get better every single day.”
CJ Ramos, 7-Figure High-Ticket Closer

What Our Salespeople Are Saying…

Ashley Shepherd

“The sales reps you found me sold 6 figures in 5 weeks”

Jessica Digginson

“I've developed as a salesperson and a business owner.”

Matthew Brown

“I learned how to be primal, to conquer my loser self.”

James Lanning

“I found a pride of lions to run with.”


“I doubled my corporate salary in 6 months, I know I can 2-3X that.”

CJ Ramos

“Because of your support and dedication I hit my first $100k in 3 months.”

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Events for Business Owners & Salespeople

Our virtual and in-person events are the perfect “level-up” opportunity for business owners and salespeople who are committed to mastery. Get away from the daily grind and do some deep work on yourself and your business while also enjoying yourself.

Your First $100K Month

Virtual 1-day event for business owners who want to hit their first $100,000 month.

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Scale Your Sales Intensive

In-person 3-day event for business owners who're ready to build a $1 million/month organization.

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Sales Everyday Intensive

In-person 3-day event for remote salespeople who want to go from closer to investor.

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“Magic Mike Mark is one of the best.”
Taylor Welch, Traffic & Funnels


Here's What to do Next

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Teja Yenamandra gun io

“Since working with Mike, I was able to grow the business to where we're making more per week than we did per month.”
Teja Yenamadra,

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