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4 phases of scaling high ticket business
4 Phases of Scale

THE growth model every high-ticket entrepreneur must know.

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sales recruitment playbook high ticket closer
Sales Recruitment Playbook

How to get off the phones so you can work ON your business and not IN your business.

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coaching sales blueprint high ticket closer
Coaching Sales Blueprint

How the right salesperson can boost revenues by $1 million per year or more.

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high ticket closer 1099 commission only sales rep faq
High-Ticket Closer FAQ

Everything you've ever wanted to know about working with remote 1099 salespeople.

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cost hiring commission only 1099 sales reps high ticket closers
Hiring Economics

How to cut down the cost of hiring salespeople while saving your time and sanity.

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talent spectrum hiring recruiting system pipeline
The Talent Spectrum

How to build a recruitment engine so you never make a bad hire again.

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hollywood comp plan compensation remuneration sales reps high ticket closers
The Hollywood Comp Plan

How to design compensation packages for seven- and eight-figure sales teams.

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hollywood sales method framework close high ticket clients
The Hollywood Sales Method

A framework for closing more high-ticket deals based on an ancient screenwriting format.

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crm management sop application filtration high ticket offers
CRM Management SOP

How to filter applications and optimize your calendar so you're closing more high-ticket deals.

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