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Jumpstart Go

David Denning Jumpstart Go

“I would say the biggest eye-opener was about a month or so after we had brought those setters on, they just hacked my calendar of sales calls. I think I took like 72 sales calls that month. And that was the first month we broke a hundred thousand in booked revenue.”

David Denning – Co-founder, Jumpstart Go

David and Elle from Jumpstart Go have been working with Coaching Sales for around a year, and in that time they’ve gone from being skeptical when it comes to setters and whether they’re really necessary, all the way to making sure their setters are on their team at all times.

They were also able to hit their first 100K month from 72 sales calls… but that’s just a bonus. The real win for them has been the fact that they could remove themselves from the business more easily, without compromising on the quality of service they provide.

They’ve gone from not being able to even think about having David off the phones, or adding new members to their team, to adding four people in one hiring session, and having David leave the phones all together.

The handsfree life for a founder is not just a dream…

What do they do and how did they get here?

David and Elle help insurance agents to get more leads and scale their practice.

They’ve tried it all, from having in house setters, to using DFY setters, to having David take all the calls and eventually taking none…

One of the most important lessons for them has been to see the importance of setters. Because truth be told, using setters is not as common-practice as you might think. And many companies are still not seeing the importance, and added value, of having a setter or team of setters on your side.

The journey: how to give up control

Previously, David and Elle had worked in many different industries, from affiliate marketing, to having their own web development agency.

They then went on to transition from being what you could call “lifestyle entrepreneurs” to embracing the founder's life, and building a business from the ground up with a community behind it to match.

Like many business owners, their first instinct was to try and do everything themselves.

Giving up that sense of control you have as a founder is hard, but it can often end up harming you in the long term.

For the first six months, they were actually setting for themselves with another member on the team, but they didn’t actually realize that’s what they were doing because of how “organic” the process was.

“We didn't even know that was really even a sales position really until we started working with Coaching Sales…”

At the time, their main focuses were: to book calls in the calendar, and for David to take those sales calls himself. But as many founders come to realize, over time, doing it all yourself isn’t usually the best solution in the long-term.

“I don't even know if we ever really truly got the hang of it. It took a bunch of time and a bunch of effort. I don't think we were particularly good at it… I don't think we really realized how broken that process was until we started really focusing on it. And we did our first round of recruitment of setters and brought them in and that was when our eyes really opened up to the possibilities and also how valuable having a great setting team is… We didn't have a process. And so that also opened our eyes to, oh, there's actually a set process for this that makes this actually work really well and that's when we got hooked up with Coaching Sales.”

Can a setter really make hitting 100K a month a reality?

“I would say the biggest eye-opener was about a month or so after we had brought those setters on, they just hacked my calendar of sales calls. I think I took like 72 sales calls that month. And that was the first month we broke a hundred thousand in booked revenue.”

What had once started off as a plan to get David on the phones more in the beginning, later turned into a mission to get him off the phones.

The Cold Hard Facts: Setters and Closers

Most companies just overlook the importance of setters completely. It’s not a glamorous job, and it’s often thankless. But that’s what Coaching Sales is here to change.

When you take the time to actually nurture your setters, and bring them into the team, and make them a part of the process; everything changes.

So, do you bring in a setter or a closer first?

It all depends on the system you have. There is no black or white answer, no clear right or wrong.

For systems where we’re dealing with a lot of Facebook groups, setters first is usually wise. If you’re doing VSL systems, closers will come first.

What can you do as a founder to make the process easier?

“I like to control things and so that was a big part of it for me, it was just kind of taking a step back. Trusting the process, definitely having the guidance from Coaching Sales was super helpful. Trusting that we were setting up the standards and I was approaching everything as a test. So everything was kind of like a two-week test. We'll set it up and then let it run. And I really committed myself to not making any major changes for at least two weeks. I think sometimes when you're doing the process yourself, it becomes like muscle memory and a lot of it the processing happens from your subconscious. You don't even know how you're qualifying people and they start coming to you with these questions, like, is this person qualified? I just really didn't have the time to build the systems for getting our setters set up, to do all of that. So it was just that was very appealing to me to have a Done For You option.”

An underrated element of the DFY system is the fact that our setters and specialists don’t just work for you… but that doesn’t mean you’re compromising on the level or quality of service you’re getting. In fact, David and Elle noticed how the compound effect of data added up, when your team isn't just running the ads for themselves.

The best thing you can do when it comes to having data is to have lots of it.

That means more numbers to crunch, but also more success stories to replicate, and more context of what’s actually working in the industry you’re in.

Would you rather have 80% of someone’s time who is ok at what they do, or 20% of an expert's time?

These are exactly the kinds of questions we need people interested in working with us to answer.

“Having Done For You setters feels like having a fully functioning in how setting team but without having to manage the team. So, I mean, I think that's huge for us as far as all of the systems, processes and management that they take over, but still having the volume and quality of those calls booked to the calendar. I would say set up your processes and let them run. Don’t jump to conclusions or make decisions based on how you feel. I think for us, it really took about six weeks to really start seeing the results that we wanted to see from our setting team. View it as a long-term strategy.”

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