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  • Time frame: 3 months (ongoing)
  • Appointments booked: 311
  • Sales calls: 286
  • Show rate: 92%
  • Close rate: 30%
  • Revenue: $439,000
  • Launched a brand new Facebook group to get more leads and grew it to 2,200 members.

Jack Thompson from Done For You Setters™ interviews Dr. Connor Robertson of Syntacz about his experience working with us.

Interview Highlights

✅ Who are Syntacz and what do you do? [00:03]

✅ What was going on in the business that moved you to hire DFY Setters? [01:22]

✅ How quickly was DFY Setters able to ramp up after starting? [03:11]

✅ What's life like before and after working with DFY Setters? [04:19]

✅ What's your favorite part about working with DFY Setters? [05:03]

✅ How did you manage the initial transfer of trust to a done-for-you service? [05:50]

✅ What kind of results did we get for Syntacz after 3 months of working together? [06:33]

✅ What would you say to someone who's on the fence about working with DFY Setters? [08:04]

✅ Did you have any worries or uncertainties before signing up for DFY Setters? [09:29]

✅ An under-rated value-add of DFY Setters Connor realized after working with us [10:17]

Full Transcript

[00:00:00] Jack Thompson:

Would you mind introducing yourself and what you do?

[00:00:02] Dr. Connor Robertson:

Dr. Connor Robertson. The company name's on the hat here. Syntacz,, it's S Y N T A C

We basically are a business development company. The way our offers work is we are focused on organic prospecting. So there are really two channels we work on, LinkedIn and email. We work with agencies, coaches, consultants, business owners, tech founders, SaaS companies, but pretty much anyone that's B2B high ticket service-based company.

We help them put appointments on the calendar and our big value prop for most of the people that we work with is we build the system and our customers own the system. So we do a lot of work that's non-recurring in nature, and that helps take, an early-stage company and help them grow with the maximum number of profits.

So we actually launched this company in January of 2019. So we're about 30 months in, at this point. My business partner, Keith he lives out in Denver company is incorporated out there. I'm in Pittsburgh, but our team is all over the world.

We've got people in the US, Canada. We've got people in Mexico. We've got people in the Philippines, Bangladesh, India. We've got, a little bit, we've got all the corners of the world, there. We even have you guys in your team from the UK, represent. You got the miniature Big Ben back there. So we have a good team, a lot of people that are really focused on growing the company.

But again, our value prop is pretty simple: scale businesses without ads. That's it.

[00:01:17] Jack Thompson:

So what made you decide to jump on board with us? Hire us an appointment setting agency?

[00:01:22] Dr. Connor Robertson:

Yeah, so actually very interesting kind of backstory in this. A lady on our sales team originally, Alifia had a call set with Mike, actually, when we were looking at working, helping Coaching Sales with some work, the other side of your guys' company.

And they set up a call and they're going back and forth and, and I ended up jumping on the phone 'cause I'm like, ah, I don't know if what we're trying to do here is the best fit. Let me get on the phone and let's meet. And the funny thing is two weeks before that I was actually in Miami, which is where Mike lives, or just outside of Miami there in Fort Lauderdale.

And I was like, man, you're Fort Lauderdale. I was just there, whatever. I ended up going back and I met Mike in person, just randomly at some like WeWork shared facility kind of thing. And so I was like, all right. We ended up deciding to work together, jumped in, did a little beta. And then it was like, oh wow.

Like your guys' offer is performing really well with our email service, and then I started to think to myself, well, if we can generate the leads and you guys can do the traffic change, meaning, I have the lead and I want the appointment, all that setting activity, then it makes tons of sense for us to do something together.

Because at the end of the day, it was either me or my brother or someone else on the team setting appointments all day. And the balance was set appointments, take appointments, set appointments, take appointments. And there just was no time to do both, especially as we started scaling up. So I was like, all right, Mike, how can we make this work?

Right? He's like, we have this Done-For-You Setter option. I'm like, okay I don't even know what that is, but that sounds cool. And probably the number one reason we jumped in my opinion is I don't want to manage more people. Obviously, we have interactions. We have to talk once in a while, but I didn't want to have to bring someone in-house, put them on payroll and then have to manage them every single day and teach them things that I didn't know how to do.

So I just told Mike, I said, listen, you tell me what to do. You're the expert. You guys know what you're doing, tell me how we can make this work. And so that was the start of uh Done-For-You Setters.

[00:03:03] Jack Thompson:

When we got started with each other, how quickly do you think that kind of transition was made? How quickly were we able to get started with you guys and your platforms and such?

[00:03:11] Dr. Connor Robertson:

Yeah, I think it was actually, it was pleasantly surprising, how it came together. Because my whole thought was this, like, typically it takes 90 days to ramp somebody up, get going, train a new person, build up the SOP. But I think your guys' big thing is Facebook groups and you have some specific parts of the setting process that we never had.

So I think in the first two weeks we dialed in LinkedIn growth machine and our email inbox got those two things set up and then you guys really were pushing on, hey, what about a Facebook group? We didn't have Facebook groups.

So I think we worked together for 12 weeks now, maybe 13 weeks. 11 weeks ago, we started a Facebook group and took it to 2200 members in 11 weeks. Which is not bad. It's not great, but it's good enough. You know what I mean? And most of it's through organic traffic, about 98% organic.

So I think that the cool thing is you had a quick ramp-up with our SOPs that other people didn't have. And then we also took all the stuff that you guys said we should do, and just start implementing it, even though that's not the service. The service isn't to tell us what to do, but it ended up being, hey, if you think we can build a group, let's build a group.

[00:04:07] Jack Thompson:

What do you think the biggest difference was? From before and after working with us?

[00:04:19] Dr. Connor Robertson:

Yeah, probably predictability, where, we are good at getting appointments on the calendar. Prospecting, appointment setting, doing the whole thing, but there's always like a day or a week that's light or appointment slots that are missing. And then I got to stop and start and it's like a big time-suck.

I think another big thing is with you guys, because it's so quick, and it's not my job to set the appointment when somebody cancels or no shows or reschedules, is if it's someone within four hours, you guys are setting it again. So the calendar is a hundred percent full, and that was something that we never had that option before. If somebody no-showed or canceled, it was done. We, that spot was blank, and I was, I dunno, working on the business during that slot instead.

So now it's just filled up right away. We just go to the next call.

[00:05:00] Jack Thompson:

What have you actually found is your favorite part about working with us?

[00:05:03] Dr. Connor Robertson:

Probably management, right? Like I don't want to have to manage a ton of people. We already have a ton of people on our team that I need to talk to every day or operations, Keith, there are other people on the team, we have to always have these conversations. What we are looking for is, hey, can we have this integrative approach where you guys represent our brand, but I don't have to manage and create the infrastructure.

Whether it's a virtual assistant on your team setting something, or do you getting on the phone for a dial, or someone else getting on the phone. It's just nice to have that comprehensive, I pay you guys X amount of dollars. You guys, come back towards us and just say, okay, here's the deliverable.

I don't have to worry about who's doing the work, how they're doing the work. Like I just don't have to worry about that stuff. I just rather just pay to have it solved.

[00:05:36] Jack Thompson:

And how did you find the initial transfer of trust? Handing over the reigns is obviously something that can be a little bit scary, especially when starting with a whole team you're not going to be managing.

[00:05:49] Dr. Connor Robertson:

I didn't really find that big of a deal. I'm sure some people out there with their businesses, would look at that and say oh, that's a lot of responsibility.

It's, listen dude, you got to put the ego aside and just say, hey, we didn't have this company in, before January of '19, that's like not that big of a deal if it implodes. So let's just keep going. You know what I mean? Just start the process, trust the process, execute. And if it fails, it just is what it is.

So I didn't really have, I don't think that was a big thing for me, looking at it and saying. Okay, this is a trust issue. It was just, tell me what I need to do instead of me telling you what to do. I think that's probably the biggest thing. That's different. Most people who work with you guys probably come in and try to tell you what they need.

I came into this process and said, what do I need to do to be successful with you? I think that's like an accountability ego thing where it's you got to drop the ego, having accountability go up and just execute. And most people probably don't.

[00:06:33] Jack Thompson:

And to back that up with a few numbers. To actually give you some kind of context on some of the numbers we've seen over the past three months. We've actually only been working together for three months, which is crazy.

What we've seen from you is a 32% close rate. Now, from revenue that we have actually closed, or you guys have closed, it's been $439,000 on revenue closed from a 32% close rate for appointments that we have set to you guys. Now we sat around 311 appointments and out of 286 of those calls, they've shown, and that obviously equates to a 32% close rate at $439k.

Those are just some crazy numbers.

[00:07:09] Dr. Connor Robertson:

Yeah, I think there's a couple of things that are good. The number, obviously the lead flow or the channel that we're sending from his LinkedIn and email, I think that's important for people to know it's not really Facebook ads, where we're getting them mostly from LinkedIn and email. And I think fundamentally that allows for a high show rate. I think across the board we're averaging a 92% show rate. Which is pretty much untouchable. I would say most ad companies are getting 50 to 60%. If they're really good, maybe 70 to 80%. And also we take everything on a one-call, right?

I think a lot of people are like, oh, I got a 50% show rate to my first call and a 50% show rate to my second call. Dude, that's a 25% aggregate show rate. You have to set so many, but you have to set a hundred appointments to get 20 people to actually show up, to get five deals on a 20% close.

Cause you're setting two appointments and you have bad show rates. So for us, it's 92% show and we do one call. So it's one of those things, it's so easy.

[00:07:54] Jack Thompson:

And you guys do have a really high close rate as well, we should mention that. Now we have had 91 sales since working together. What would you say to somebody that is thinking about jumping on with Done-For-You Setters?

[00:08:04] Dr. Connor Robertson:

I think it's a couple of different things. The biggest thing is the offer.

You have to have a good offer, right? You can't set appointments on a crappy offer, so you better make sure that your business is actually a good offer. That's the number one thing. If you can build it and create it and have a good price point, and you're willing to spend 2% of revenue for an appointment and 10% on a deal.

You're good all day long. So if you have a $10k offer, you're willing to spend a thousand dollars for acquisition and $200 per appointment. You're gonna be laughing all the way to the bank because all the numbers work out. It's when you get into a small offer, a two, three maybe $4k offer with no backend, with bad show-up rates and all that.

That's where it becomes very problematic. But if you have a good offer with something that people want, that are willing to pay for it, then it makes tons of sense because essentially you're taking that middle piece of the sales process and just delegating the whole thing.

Which for us, by the way, principally speaking, last year, I wrote a book called the Seven-Minute Phone Call: How To Get More Sh*t Done In Less Time. And basically, the principal in that is EPAD: Eliminate, Prioritize, Automate, Delegate. Eliminate, Prioritize, Automate, Delegate. D, the last step, is delegate. That's what we've done with you guys. We've taken a sales function that we don't want to do that we're not good at.

And we have delegated to someone like you, who is extremely good at it. So it absolutely makes sense to follow that framework, get rid of all the stuff that doesn't matter, prioritize the stuff that does, run as much automation as possible, and then delegate that function to somebody who's actually good at.

It follows all our principles, works for us, seems like a great fit for anybody who actually has a real business.

[00:09:22] Jack Thompson:

Did you have any kind of uncertainties or hesitancies before jumping on with us guys or was it pretty much just, this makes sense let's do it?

[00:09:29] Dr. Connor Robertson:

All business owners have a risk tolerance. My risk tolerance is pretty heavy, pretty high, I guess you'd call that and I'm willing to take risks. I think there are some people that might be a little bit concerned about the outcome, but really, the way I see it is like listen, the worst-case scenario, you spend money and it doesn't work out for you. Okay. You're, you've lost a little bit of money.

It's not that big of a deal. It's not like your life's going to change either way. But what I do tell people is if you don't try it, you'll never know. I've told Mike this a few times, I really stand behind Done-For-You Setters. It's still the best investment we've made to date.

We've worked with a lot of ad agencies trying to tell us that they can get us appointments. We've worked with other people that claim to be great at certain functions in a business. It really, hands-down, dollar-for-dollar, this is probably the best investment we've made to date. There's really nothing else that I can say about that.

[00:10:11] Jack Thompson:

Do you have anything else you wanna close out with?

[00:10:13] Dr. Connor Robertson:

I think fundamentally you guys act really a lot more like consultants, right?

I think people look at Setting as, either a Done-For-You function or a Done-With-You function, a hiring function. But I think one of the value-adds that are probably misrepresented by you guys is just, you guys know what grows companies, for us. It's like we didn't have a Facebook group 11 weeks ago, 12 weeks ago.

I was like, that wasn't in my roadmap of Syntacz is gonna build a Facebook group. That wasn't in there. That's just not part of the plan. But it became part of the plan because you guys said, hey, this is a great opportunity to have people come in, teach content, set appointments, push people through the ecosystem and grow the business.

So you guys really gave me, a framework that I didn't really have before that I think is a lot better than the average professional service. So I'd say it's really Done-For-You Setters PLUS, right? There's always that extra piece that you guys have provided. So I think, two thumbs up all around. Great service. Love all the work that you guys are doing.