The Dream That Started It All

Many of us became entrepreneurs because of a dream. The dream was that we could hang out on a beach somewhere, sip umbrella cocktails, and make it rain from our laptops.

It's not a lie. We really can do this. And many do.

At some point, though, we hit a ceiling. Maybe we weren't making as much or weren’t as successful as we thought. Maybe we thought we'd be helping more people but didn't. Maybe the laptop lifestyle got old.

Maybe we wanted more.

The thing is, we couldn't have it. Not because it isn't possible. But because we couldn't get to the next level as one man or woman. We only have one brain, two arms, and 24 hours a day.

We are our own ceiling.

Sure, we can get more productive, optimize this and that. Some of us may have better genetics or talent that give us an advantage over the next guy. But everyone has a cap. And every entrepreneur who isn't content to chill out at their cap eventually realizes the same thing:

“I need help!”

They need to stop trying to do it all. They need to hand off the things they're bad at or don't like doing, to others who can do them better. And after that, also handoff the things they're good at, even if it's to someone who can't do it as well as them.

It's hard. Hard giving up control. Hard trusting what they've built to people who might fail and burn it all down. But they do it anyway.

And then something happens that doesn't make sense…

They stack racks on racks. They help more people than they ever thought they could. They get yugely better results for those people than they did solo. They grow.

This is the paradox of entrepreneurship.

It’s the idea that doing less equals more success. That an entrepreneur gives up some of their control, some of their agency, to something that's bigger than them.

You will make this choice too.

And it's only when you embrace the paradox of entrepreneurship that you break the mental shackles that hold you and your business back.

Speaking of breaking the shackles that hold you back…

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But There’s A Catch

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Watch The Case Study

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