How To Sell High-Ticket Courses Over The Phone

Do you sell online courses? Want to make more money with fewer students? I'm going to show you how to sell high-ticket courses over the phone.

Recently, I did a webinar with Joel Erway for his webinar marketing students. Joel is the CEO of the Webinar Agency. As the name suggests, they help clients sell high-ticket offers with webinars.

This is the recording. Enjoy!

Training Highlights

  • The power of negative thinking [13:53]
  • How to bypass your personal limits and be the perfect version of yourself [15:15]
  • The right way to read into call applications to predict if a deal is likely [18:50]
  • A counterintuitive fact about advertising/paid traffic (hint: it has to do with how many ad variations I'm running) [23:50]
  • The 4 types of people you'll hear on every call and how to communicate with each (mastering all 4 will skyrocket your close rate) [28:10]
  • “What's the best script?” [37:50]
  • How we use Hollywood screenwriting principles to coach phone sales [39:40]
  • A simple vocal trick to get your prospect to spill the beans on what's really going on (millennial girls do this all the time) [45:30]
  • A 100-year-old copywriting technique you can use to perfect your offer delivery on sales calls [47:24]
  • The one thing people do on sales calls that makes them objection magnets (and how to eliminate objections before they even form in your prospect's mind) [49:00]
  • How to make your prospect feel like you “get them” and get them to believe in you [55:15]
  • How to ethically “brainwash” your prospect to get them to make a decision [57:30]
  • How NOT to take their money (this can literally blow the sale after they've made a decision) and right way to do it (another technique I stole from direct response copywriters) [59:10]
  • An important nuance when presenting your offer IF you sell high-ticket courses [1:05:00]
  • PLUS 20 minutes of Q&A with Joel and his students!

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  • Lloyd Oct 26, 2019 @ 22:13

    Hey how’s it going

    I absolutely loved this webinar and got so much value and Knowledge nuggets. I’m a salesperson/closer down here in Australia and am wondering if you have a course or some course materials ?

    • Mike Mark Oct 27, 2019 @ 16:22

      Hey Lloyd, we do offer a course and training for closers. A good starting point is inside of our group at

      Also if you wanna jump on a call to discuss taking your sales to the next level, let me know and we can set something up.


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