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New Video: Wes Schaeffer and Mike Mark Drop Amazing Sales Tips

I was on “The Sales Podcast” with Wes Schaeffer aka the Sales Whisperer.

He has 7 children from the same wife! Dude's a total stud. And man, what a pleasant conversation. Wes made me feel at ease and every question he asked was legit.

Which makes sense, because he's a nationally renowned sales coach and has been in the commission-sales game for 22 years.

Time-Stamped Show Notes

  • The difference between sales rookies and sales pros [4:50]
  • What Mike learned about sales from his experience in Timeshare. [08:10]
  • A top tip Wes Schaeffer gives all his clients to get better at sales. [09:40]
  • The perfect balance of talking vs letting the prospect talk on sales cales. [11:40]
  • Introduction to the Hollywood Sales Method. [14:00]
  • Words the prospect uses to let you know they feel understood. [15:40]
  • Is sales ability nature or nurture? Mike's answer may surprise you. [17:02]
  • The type of entrepreneur gets the best results for. [19:40]
  • A sales principle Mike learned from Nelson Mandela. [21:40]
  • The truth about finding top salespeople. [22:50]
  • How to understand buyer sophistication and adapting your selling to a prospect's level of sophistication. [25:20]
  • How to pay and how much to pay your salespeople. Mike teaches you a new phrase: “on target earnings.” [28:15]
  • DON'T use resumes when hiring salespeople! Do this instead. [31:00]
  • THE revenue-killing mistake entrepreneurs make when hiring salespeople (and how you can avoid it.) [32:00]
  • Just because they're commission-only, doesn't mean there are no costs. How to manage overhead. [33:50]
  • How much time is needed to onboard salespeople after you hire them? [35:25]
  • Where the buying decision happens in our brain. [36:50]
  • Should you hire “setters?” [37:30]
  • Given the choice between a human and a robot doing the same job, which would you choose? [40:30]
  • How loyal are salespeople? [43:10]
  • How to build trust with your salespeople, even if they are 10-99 contractors. [45:45]
  • The secret to mastering sales. [47:50]
  • Why Mike wants entrepreneurs to try to build sales teams themselves. [51:30]

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