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The little-known “80/20 Principle” of sales teams

If you’re building a sales team, you must understand this.

You’re probably already familiar with the 80/20 principle…

In the early 1900s, Italian Economist Vilfredo Pareto discovered that 20% of people held 80% of England’s wealth.

Suddenly he started applying this to all kinds of things. He found that 20% of the plants in his garden produced 80% of the flowers.

And this principle can be applied to almost everything.

20% of clients bring 80% of the revenue.

On the other hand…

20% of clients bring 80% of the problems.

But ONE thing that really unleashed the potential of this principle…

Once I discovered this, I have been able to break things down into insanely simple basics.

Usually I only do one work-related activity per day.

And most days I only work about 1-2 hours.


Because once you understand this… it unleashes serious leverage.


80/20 is fractal

So if you take 20% of the 20%… that’s 4% of all work brings 80% of the 80% (In other words, 4% gives you 64% of the results.)

This is where the HUGE leverage hides.

And when it comes to building sales teams…

Here is what I found:

Hiring the right person is the 4% that gives you the 64%.

That’s why I often tell my clients…


Or you may hear me say…

“You can train a chicken to climb a tree, but it’s a lot easier to hire a squirrel.”

What’s this mean for you?

We’re going to really dig into the hiring process, use data, and make sure that we’re setting you up to have top-notch talent represent you and your business.

Here for you,

Mike “hire slow, ramp fast” Mark

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