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The Closing Agency

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When Keithen Lewis first came across Coaching Sales he was looking for a closer role. That was 3 years ago.

Since then, he made the transition from closer to business owner. Today, he's the founder and CEO of The Closing Agency. Now he’s the one paying the commissions, rather than getting paid on commission.

When Keithen started working with Coaching Sales, his business was doing $10,000/month. 30 days later, he made $40,000/month without taking a single call.

I sat down with Keithen to interview him about his experience working with us.


  • [00:00] “Maybe I'm not as good a closer as I thought I was”
  • [04:45] Why Keithen isn’t taking any money out of his business for the moment
  • [07:27] There’s wisdom in knowing you’re not cut out to run a business
  • [10:37] The value of doing daily huddles with your sales team
  • [14:25] The marginal impact of building a team that’s dedicated to your business
  • [20:10] How Coaching Sales can “predict” how the sales recruitment process will turn out
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The One Mistake Employees Make When Transitioning to Owner…

“I don't think people realize when starting a business, as confident as you are, as amazing as you may be, you're not gonna be able to deal without a team. But once you ‌get a little bigger, it's just too much workload. It's way too much fulfillment on the back end, lead generation, mundane tasks. You need a team and then you gotta be able to have the systems in place as well.”

Few people in life can make a million dollar business alone.

Even fewer have what it takes to put systems in place for a million dollar business to run itself without having to take calls as the owner…

As glamorous and simple as it seems to not have to manage a team – the ‌time, energy and resources needed to ‌build out a million dollar business alone – will not give you the ‌life you want to lead.

Building a team and accepting responsibility for not just your own income, but for the income of others, is no small feat.

But when you have the systems and processes in place to ‌scale and grow a business exponentially – it is far more manageable.

How Can a 10 Minute Daily Huddle Transform Your Team?

We recommended ‌Keithen put in place some daily huddles for his team to take part in, with daily role plays that became a great success:

“We're all using our skills as closers or salespeople to improve ourselves not just as individuals but as a team. If there's one big realization that I have, wow, we're all gonna have it because we're on a call every day for an hour, talking about our biggest mistakes, our biggest struggles, and then working to improve them as well.”

Rather than being alone as a CEO, you learn to integrate your team into the building and iterating process – which is a massive shift in terms of productivity and overall success.

Not only that, but you fast track your troubleshooting process. With daily huddles, your whole team can get involved with booking, covering and handling calls for each other – meaning those days where you lose 5-10K because you’re a closer down are over.

Learning When To Blame the Process vs When To Blame the Person

We see a lot of instances where people fail because they’re too quick to blame the person instead of the process.

Learning when to make the difference between the two in business is important if you’re serious about succeeding.

It allows you to get to the root of the problem faster, and as a result, solve problems before they even ‌crop up within your team.

If You Have to Learn One Lesson When Making The Change…

Being a business owner as opposed to an employee teaches you that:

“Hey, this person ‌is doing this for revenue. They're doing this for money.”

Not everyone is as invested in your “baby” or your business as you.

In fact, very few people will be.

How can you make sure that your employees buy in on the system, the process, and the other team members as much as possible?

Learn how to treat them right.

Keithen noticed the difference in his team:

“When you have a team that's dedicated, you get that marginal bandwidth, you get the, “Hey I was driving and I just thought about how we could improve this system” or, “Hey, I was in the shower and then this idea came to me” or, “Hey, I was about to go to bed and then I was thinking about what we were doing.” And then, and, and they're thinking about improving the business and improving the systems and improving the process when they're off work. Whereas if it's just a clock in, clock out, you took your call, you did your thing, you're out, and then you're not, you don't care anymore.”

It’s about making the people working IN your business focus on how they too can work ON the business.

And it’s all about trust.

Vetting people is hard work. But with the years of experience we have at Coaching Sales, we turn this difficult process into something you don’t even have to think about as a business owner.

“If they trust you, then that's when all that stuff that we're talking about really accelerates. They ‌want to impress the other team members. They ‌want to contribute more to the entire equation and it becomes more fun because you're playing the game for the sake of playing the game after a while.”

How Many Closers Can You Count On?

“I got a weekly call with one of your guys, Nav, who is absolutely phenomenal. Somebody send this to Nab, he's awesome. Mike, if you could promote him, please promote him. One thing he used to talk about is just understanding the numbers game. I remember he told me that early on was “Hey, we're gonna give you five closers” and he said “one of these people is gonna disappear, somebody is gonna suck. You probably have two, maybe three good, good guys. It literally worked out exactly like that. About a week and a half in, we were like, where's Waldo? And he disappeared. Got somebody who was a hundred percent killer and then two guys that are doing great, but were still crafting to make sure that they could still be a little better.”

The Results From Working With Coaching Sales?

When Keithen first started with Coaching Sales, he was at 10K a month. At the time of this interview, he is averaging 35-40K with a goal of hitting consistent 100K months in the next few months. WITHOUT taking any calls.

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