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Rank Daddy

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Brandon Olson runs Rank Daddy, a company that shows people how to start and scale digital marketing SEO agencies quickly. He came to us when Clients & Community told him he needed to build a sales team and remove himself from the sales process.

Mike Mark sat down with him to talk about his experience working with Coaching Sales.


  • [04:12] High-ticket to membership back to high-ticket… Pricing models that didn't work
  • [06:30] How to go from $17,000/month to $300,000/month in one year
  • [08:13] The 3 trends we're seeing in marketing strategy for high-ticket businesses
  • [12:20] We ask every client to rank the sales reps before onboarding based on how the client thinks they're going to perform. Was Brandon's ranking accurate?
  • [16:26] The secret to onboarding several salespeople at once – every “lifestyle entrepreneur” hates this

50K A Month to 300K?

“I spent about 70 grand in training before I even met you guys because I was stuck at 50 grand a month for the last two years. And then they referred me to you and said, you've got to really grow. You've gotta have a sales force and setters and things to pull yourself outta the business so you can focus on the creatives and doing what you love instead of being stuck in sales, which was the problem. I couldn't get past that point. So I hired you guys and here we are three months later, this biggest growth I've ever had.”

Getting Out of The Sales Process Without Starting Over

“I needed to get out of the sales force myself, but I didn't know how without experienced sales personnel. I thought I would have to start from scratch and literally build somebody up and teach them everything that I know about sales. So you guys' price point is well worth the ticket because it was an immediate ROI for us.”

Build And Scale Your Business In a Way That Suits You

“I built this business, never working over 10 hours a week. I didn't want to get into something that was scheduled. But I started doing the daily huddles like you recommended and it worked. Just that 20 minute call with them, touching base every day, celebrating their wins… I'm glad I just listened to you guys and committed to doing it.”

The Kind of Results You Need In The Timeframe You Want

“The speed at which the results came, like I thought, okay, we're at 50, we're gonna do 60, 70, but like, it literally just I know you plug in that team you get the results.”

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