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Klara Adalena

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“I don’t even know if I want to have a team…”

“Employees don’t work. They just want money, they don’t work…”

Many entrepreneurs have negative beliefs about building a team to grow their business. And, like a self-fulfilling prophecy, they come true. You attract what you believe.

In this interview, I’m joined by Klara Adalena. She’s a dating coach for female CEOs and one of our clients. Recently, her sales team did $25k in 5 days. She’s on track to hit a 7-figure run rate. Another success story.

Klara and I talked about her resistance to building a team, how she overcame her limiting beliefs, and how she leads her enrollment coaches. So that she doesn’t have to take any sales calls and can focus on strategy and scaling her business.

You'll Discover

  • How to position your B2C coaching offer to maximize your earning potential [02:30]
  • The one organizational activity we insist all our clients do – they resist it at first until they start seeing massive growth [07:00]
  • Why you need to sell the process, not the person – the key to scaling your sales [15:05]
  • Why Klara doesn’t listen to her enrollment coaches’ sales calls anymore – and how it makes her feel [20:45]
  • “I don’t even know if I want to have a team”… “employees don’t work, they just want money…” – Klara’s limiting beliefs about building a team and how she overcame them [30:30]

…And much more!

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Episode Transcript

Mike Mark: [00:01:08]

So, I'm really excited about this interview specifically because, a lot of people don't know that, Klara and I have a long history together. And so, Klara is someone that I actually, like vividly remember where I was when I enrolled you into the…

Klara Adalena: [00:01:30]

Oh really?

Mike Mark: [00:01:31]

Yeah, I was in the park in Lake Eola in downtown, Orlando. And like you were having the like, kind of last-minute nerves, before getting going in traffic and funnels, and then we sorted it, we handled it, and then you jumped in and, and that journey there was fun and it's been fun throughout. Kind of, this is now our third time working together.

Klara Adalena: [00:01:54]

I know. It was, that first enrollment was so amazing. I'm still surprised you were able to enroll me now. I was so skeptical.

Mike Mark: [00:02:06]

I know, I remember, I remember you being like, you know, my goal is to get to, to, what was it, $7,000 a month? Seven and a half thousand dollars in a month? I'm like, Oh, man.

Klara Adalena: [00:02:15]

$8,000 because that would a hundred thousand in a year. And that was so amazing.

Mike Mark: [00:02:20]

Yeah. Now here you are. You know, we're doing 20 some odd in a week. So it was pretty cool to see that journey and how big of a transformation it's been.

Klara Adalena: [00:02:30]

Yeah. It's amazing.

Mike Mark: [00:02:31]

Yeah. And I know, like one of the things too, I definitely want to talk about with you while we're here is, some of the challenges we had in getting you off the phones the first time that we had tried working together. What's shifted? Cause I think that's going to be particularly something that would really serve the people here. So I guess for starters, just give the people kind of a general introduction as to who you are, what you do, and sort of how that has evolved from that first conversation and where you were there to kind of where you are now.

Klara Adalena: [00:03:08]

Thank you. That's three years, long story. I started out actually with a different offer because I hit in my mind, it has to be a professional thing, right? It was fun, but I couldn't get it to the cold and rolling. I started all over and then I saw somebody else doing dating and I thought, wow, that's fun.

If you can do dating like this. So that was literally three years ago to the day that I started my dating offer on the 11th of May.

Mike Mark: [00:03:41]


Klara Adalena: [00:03:42]


Mike Mark: [00:03:42]

That's awesome.

Klara Adalena: [00:03:42]

I think it was the day I enrolled the first client into it, and it has been such a journey to really, you know, this whole enrollment process procedure to get that going.

To get the right women on the phones to really see my niche. I love working with CEOs, women in the C suite level, but to actually have the guts to stand for that and go for that was the whole thing. And actually your emails have really helped my accountant to say that here.

Mike Mark: [00:04:13]

That's awesome.

Klara Adalena: [00:04:14]

People read those emails from Mike and do what it says.

Mike Mark: [00:04:20]

Wait, any like one or two things that really, you took into…

Klara Adalena: [00:04:25]

This one was, one thing, right? You should really niche down, be very clear about who you're working for, and get your marketing dialed in.

That was one of the things that I got from there. Another thing, what was it again? Like, you need a system, not a guru, right. This shouldn't be coming from me. It should be coming for a system.

Mike Mark: [00:04:47]


Klara Adalena: [00:04:48]

So to really systemize what I'm doing and talk about in that way, got that from you.

Mike Mark: [00:04:56]

Love it. And for anyone who's here with us and, and your listening, just to kind of give you an idea as to what, what Klara meant on those two things is like, it's everybody knows that you need to have a niche or that you need to have an avatar that's clearly defined.

It's just taking it to that level of specificity that oftentimes we don't do. And I know, with you, you made some shifts even like, cause initially it was, you know, I help women find love or, or find the love of their life, which your Academy is the love for life Academy. And then how have you taken that and narrowed it even further from that point where it was just generally women, and now I know you've kind of niche down even more?

Klara Adalena: [00:05:38]

Yeah. Well, as I said to really specifically named the CEO, see the CEO before me, in everything that I do. That has been very important and so much fun because I'm CEO myself, now. So that really fits a level, you know, we should be able to speak from that space. So that's been really fun. But what's also so much fun is just, you know, trusting myself more. My approach to dating is different from what everybody else is doing. All my clients tell me that like, wow, what we learn here is so different. And just to trust that more and I think that that does come over time, right? Just to really trust what I am doing. Don't try to be like everybody else.

Mike Mark: [00:06:31]

So, in moving into a system and a CEO type of role, right. Where it's not necessarily like, I feel like sometimes when you're the coach, right? And you're the self-employed coach, especially, which a lot of the people in here are going to be in that sort of realm.

And I know that you in coming to the live event really made a big distinction between what it is to be the self-employed coach and what it is to be the CEO role. And then having clarity on those roles and sometimes you evolve and you move between them, but you know the role boundaries more clearly. What were some of those challenges that you found in navigating those boundaries and, specifically moving more into a process of moving more into stepping into your CEO power?

Klara Adalena: [00:07:20]

I think for me, Mike, the biggest thing was, to have a vision of leadership. What kind of leader I wanted to be. I come from a time when, you know, leaders we're very authority thinkers, which is not my style. So that was always friction. And one of the things I loved, at the event mastermind, you demonstrated that daily huddle. That was a turning point for me. I remember before, I was a bit like, well, see, Oh, it makes me so much more money, but will it be more fun? And then you demonstrate the daily huddle with Cody and the team, and I was like, Oh wait, this is what I want.

Yeah. Our daily huddles. Now they are the highlights with the day. For me, my team, all of us love it.

Mike Mark: [00:08:11]

It's interesting too, they like, so many of the people that we work with when it comes to huddles, they resist it, they resist it, they resist it, but then once they do it, it almost becomes very grounding in a way. Like that's sort of your anchor to everything.

Klara Adalena: [00:08:26]

Yeah. It's amazing. The connection of this, the support, you know, in the dating space, there's a lot of emotions going around, right?

When you do an, one on one is somebody doesn't enroll and you feel, you know, the pain that's behind her, that touches you deeply. So, to have space where you can really be supported, homeless things, you know, are in our business, that's really important. And we have left now with each other. That's so lovely.

Mike Mark: [00:08:56]

It's true. It's unique too with the dating space because people are bringing so many stories to it, and oftentimes when they're going through the sales process with you guys, they're reliving a lot of deeply traumatic experiences, or they're projecting those deeply traumatic experiences into the future.

And that's partly why they're working with you at the end of the day. But it's also why they're stuck and, and, the first place. And so it's so easy as the enrollment coach and in order like to guide someone through that, sometimes it's easy to get sold on those stories and, and to meet them where they are instead of standing for that potential that they have.

And then it's easy as well to take those emotions. And then, like I, I feel like, in a lot of people in enrollment tend to be empathic. And as an empath, you really carry those emotions and then it like, it starts to do something to you in a way where if you don't have support mechanisms, it could, it could really become something that almost is, is dangerous, especially to the enrollment in your, like personal wellbeing at times.

Klara Adalena: [00:10:07]

It's, it's a very intense process. And then assistance is so important, right? It's both the support and the system to really know what you're doing on the call and to know to go in deep, but not going too deeply.

Mike Mark: [00:10:24]


Klara Adalena: [00:10:25]

And to keep your eye almost going to happen. I just, before we went on the call, I opened Facebook and I just read the post of one of my clients.

I, my heart is pounding when I think of us this morning. Hey, mine too.

Mike Mark: [00:10:44]

Love that. That's cool.

Klara Adalena: [00:10:45]

Yeah. There's this such a big thing when the women find the courage to start sending these direct messages and then seeing that the man actually likes it, and why don't we keep focused on that, right? The change that you're bringing, then it becomes so much easier to deal with all the challenges.

Mike Mark: [00:11:05]

That's cool. Hey, I like that Katie and Natalie are both here. They're both on your team, and both of them said, and I love our huddles. And so I guess, okay, one of the questions I have for you is what do you feel like, cause I know you've tried to hire enrollment coaches before, and I know that in those situations very often you weren't doing huddles.

What did you feel like now that you've been able to see the difference? Like what were you missing out on? Or what, what were the problems that were occurring without the hurdles that maybe you couldn't see that now you have, you can start to see more clearly.

Klara Adalena: [00:11:42]

Yeah, good question. It was, of course, more than the huddles. You know, I, I tend to, to won't have everything, but, right. And then there were these little things that you have to agree upon, like for instance, very practical things. And so you mix an enrollment, but it's a split B. Do you pay the rip everything apart or just half? Little things, but I would get upset over it.

Right? And then you have those frictions and they just build up. And just, I feel having Cody and all of you behind me, it's such a, you know, so grounding. It's just a solid grounds on which we can, you know, come with all our emotions and intensity. So that's one thing that I think is really different.

Another thing is, of course, I'm in a very different place. I am much more clear on what we're doing. The system is up, but also with those huddles, you know, it is much quicker and much more fun. If I see that Natalie or Katie is just slightly getting off track and too enthusiastic about one thing, forgetting another thing, it's, we have such a direct connection also with the Slack.

So, I see it quickly, I can help them, you know, re recalibrate and it's fun, you know, so much support.

Mike Mark: [00:13:14]

Have you noticed a difference also in having, you know where you went through our process now, which is, I know in the past you would normally bring on one coach and try to get them going and then it wouldn't work out?

And you'd kind of find yourself in a situation where it's like, shoot, I got to try this over again. Have you noticed a difference in bringing on multiple people and having that process?

Klara Adalena:


Yeah. Thank you. I'd almost forgotten. Absolutely. Because I think Moose proposed six to the in the end, and four of them were just not a good fit.

Right? And then it's so amazing too. Not have to go all the way with them and try and try to make it work, but you know, it doesn't work. But to actually be able to say, sorry, but this isn't working. And then there's somebody else. I mean, it's really amazing.

Mike Mark:

It's, it's interesting because, you know, had that not been the case, it's so easy for ourselves to get caught up and then keep trying to make it work when it doesn't work.

And I imagine there's a lot of parallels even with your clients and dating, right? Like if you only have one person, then it's like you're going to try to make, a toxic relationship healthy as opposed to just finding a healthy relationship from the start.

Klara Adalena: [00:14:37]

Yeah, absolutely true. Yeah. Scarcity. Scarcity is bad.

Mike Mark: [00:14:45]

Yeah. That's interesting.

Klara Adalena: [00:14:46]

Yeah. Yeah. No, Moose is amazing, right? The people he found for me really amazing, and I'm so aware, right? That lots of what you were doing and what most of the coaches, coaches are doing is rooted in business B2B. So, that has often been struggled for me, right? But the people that I would ask help if they, it never enrolled in the relationship space.

But you know, Cody has that experience. You have some experience there. Moose was amazing and tuning in and seeing who would be a fit. So, we're, I'm totally enthusiastic about it.

Mike Mark: [00:15:26]

Love it. And I, I do think that there is a big thing of, of what we've talked about, and I, and maybe you mentioned it earlier in the interview, but we didn't get to highlight it in the level of depth that I wanted to, but it's the selling of the process.

Right? And, and having a clearly documented system that solves the problem, right? So it's not that Klara solves a problem, and Clara is amazing at the problem. So now that when I talked to Klara's enrollment specialist, I'm disappointed. It's that, Klara has built the system and this system solves my problem and that it makes your results repeatable and makes your results scalable.

And then it, it's interesting because it allows other people to sell your product for you as well as it allows other people to deliver your product for you, which are both big differences. And it's hard sometimes, like when you built the product and when it's your name on the building, it's very easy to get caught up in that sense of like, but this is mine.

And, I think, I don't know if you have experienced these emotions, but a lot of the coaches that we work with do experience these emotions. I know I personally experienced these emotions, which is when I would see people celebrating like team members sometimes in the very beginning phases and they wouldn't, they wouldn't say like, thanks Mike, or like, Oh my God, Mike, so, so amazing.

It was like, I built this. You don't see that. And I would almost feel threatened and I had to rewire my brain to where it was like if they don't even know that I exist. That's the greatest compliment, right? Because that means the system really works and if they're celebrating all my team members, that's also the greatest compliment because that means we as a team are cohesive and powerful, not just me as an individual that's trying to gain my significance, but rather like we're a team moving towards a unified direction.

Did you experience any of that?

Klara Adalena: [00:17:26]

Not yet. I don't think I'm quite at that level of being invisible, but I do remember it was really in very impressive moments that, we were really building up, right? They needed some time. That's what you really get into it, but you could really feel that energy building, the confidence building, the skill-building.

So I remember one night going to sleep and really feeling like, you know, I hope the first several ones come tonight, but if it doesn't, it's okay because I know it's coming. And then I woke up and Katie had enrolled the first client and within 24 hours, not to later, all of a second. And I felt that was such a so telling, right?

It's not just the person, but it's the system. The system was ready. All three of us were ready, and then it just clicked. And that was our 25 came in five days, right?

Mike Mark: [00:18:22]

That's so cool.

Klara Adalena: [00:18:26]

Oh yeah. And what I wanted to say, sorry, was that actually Natalie pointed out to me like “Klara, you created a system now”. That is, that works for us. And I was repeating it the whole thing afterward “Yeah, I created the system. I created the system.”

Mike Mark: [00:18:42]

It's so cool.

It's a strange feeling. And you know what? I think that you described something just there where you talked about feeling it building up. And it's interesting because, with a lot of clients that we work with, it's, it looks like a light switch goes off when the thing works, right? But what happens is, is you're stacking these like you stack one piece, then you stack another piece.

And it's not until all of the parts are in there that the thing works, right? Because the way I like to describe a sales call is it's like a good movie. Or a good song, a good movie or a good song is the sum of the parts, right? It's, it's got prosody, so everything is in its right place and a good enrollment call works that way where it's got prosody.

And it's weird because, in the initial phases of training, a lot of people think like we've started training. Why am I not seeing the results right away? But it's almost like this night and day effect occurs when the training hits. It's it stacks and stacks and stacks and stacks, and then it's like, boom, now it's on.

Klara Adalena: [00:19:52]

Yeah. Yeah. I still recognize and it's like dating too, of course, right? How I work with my clients like I just can't find a man. You have to stack, stack, stack, and then suddenly, what does he say? Boom! There he is.

Mike Mark: [00:20:09]

Yeah, and it feels like, it feels like… it feels like the circuit completes. That's the best way to put it is it's almost like a circuit, right? And there are these missing parts of the circuit and you put one part in and then it's like, okay, well the current can go a little bit further. Then you put the other part in and it could go a little bit further, and then once that last piece comes in, it's like boom, the light turns on. It's really pretty fascinating to feel that, and it's nerve-wracking in that phase, especially as after two, three weeks in. And you've been really putting your time and energy and consistency in it.

Klara Adalena: [00:20:40]

A lot of ads.

Mike Mark: [00:20:42]

Yeah. Yeah. Oh my goodness. Yeah. Yeah. It's really, quite a shift to feel, and it's a, it's an emotional journey that sometimes, It's hard to know what it's going to be like until you're really in it and you're, you're five grand into ads and no sales yet, and you're seeing deals that you could have gotten, right? You're seeing it like that's an enrollable one.

Klara Adalena: [00:21:05]

I didn't look at that this time. That was different too. I haven't listened to a single call.

Mike Mark: [00:21:11]

You didn't listen to a single call?

Klara Adalena: [00:21:13]


Mike Mark: [00:21:14]

How much better did that feel?

Klara Adalena: [00:21:16]

Amazing. It saves a lot of time. I hated listening to the calls because you get that feeling like, Oh, you know. But we have amazing communication, so I feel that I know what's happening. I really trust Cody to listen to whatever needs to be listened to. It saves me a lot of time, of course. And it also meant that was a big difference to my, I remember that when I was working before with salespeople, I would get so obsessed with helping them that I wouldn't be enrolling myself anymore. I would be taking calls, but it would not be in the right space anymore.

And this time I was able to keep enrolling. Actually, I started enrolling even better. Well, Canadian con, Katie and Natalie were on. So that was different too. Yeah. What did I want to say? I forgot.

Mike Mark: [00:22:12]

It was about not listening to the calls, the, I one question about the not listening to calls, cause I know in the past, like a thing that we commonly see, and sometimes I don't know how to describe this to people because it's almost like you have to go through this process and feel these emotions to know what's right and what's wrong.

Because what feels right is wrong and what feels wrong is right. And it's, that's what makes it confusing is because the process is counterintuitive. But like what you described of, I would listen to the calls in the previous situations, then I would want to support the salespeople and then almost like that, that overarching, trying to support then eats the salesperson certainty, and ease your own certainty too.

Klara Adalena: [00:23:01]


Mike Mark: [00:23:02]

And then that starts to compound between you guys and then, then our effect is like, “Oh if I just lean in and keep trying to train harder and do more training,” that suddenly it's going to create the shift and it's counterproductive. Yeah. And then here, this situation you described, you know, you're able to pull out, you're able to kind of like allow it to happen, and then it naturally does with the right amount of support.

Klara Adalena: [00:23:27]

It's incredibly different. I, now you're talking about it, I'm also realizing that I used to panic reading right when the new rep wasn’t enrolling. I used to panic like, where's this going? Now I felt so much trust. You know, I trusted Cody, you. If they say we're okay, we're okay, and I could just be supporting, you know, my people. Just like if something needs to be said, somebody else will do it. I can just support them. And that's such a good feeling.

Mike Mark: [00:24:01]

And what happens is, is what we talked about to at the intensive, right? It's like because that's how you're showing up, is now I get to support my people. You're creating an environment of safety and trust and you're showing up consistently, and then that gives them the certainty that they need, in order to actually start enrolling. So then once it clicks, it clicks. And, just one thing to comment on, I think this is really powerful, is Natalie said, I can honestly say that this is the best sales shop ever, right? Right here in the comments. She said, you know, “not only working for Klara but having the training from Cody and Mike, it's the best sales training I've ever had so far, from the sales reps point of view and it keeps me highly motivated and engaged. It's amazing work that you guys are doing”. And, it's cool that, I mean, for you, it's gotta be an amazing feeling when you can see your team members say like, this is the best sales role I've ever had. You know, it's, but that comes off of the safety. It comes off the trust and it comes off the consistency that you're, the way you're showing up as a supporting role as opposed to this micromanaging that, the tension that you described of that occur, Oh, they want this, but no, that's not there. And so now you get the environment and the benefits that come out of it.

Klara Adalena: [00:25:19]

Yeah. And I think as well as you were describing it, what's really important is that like own their own skills, have really upped over time. Also the Queensland leash down in the marketing and everything, you know, from all sides.

So I have this feeling like, you know, if, it isn't all roses, right? After this first amazing week, there are some tough times again. But I kept feeling like, yeah, but if there is really a problem, I'll just take a few calls myself and you know.

Mike Mark: [00:25:52] Yup.

Klara Adalena: [00:25:52]

Isn't really a problem. And that, that certainty is also really important.

Mike Mark: [00:26:00]

Yeah. And when, when we do the other thing, right? That overtraining, that leaning in to try and create like the result, enforce the result, that we lose our own certainty more and more. It's really a nerve-wracking place to be. And sometimes you almost like I, it's, it's sad in some ways because a lot of people will go to that place and then they just throw out the whole entire business and they say, Oh, you know, it's the market, it's the niche, it's the, it's this thing, all of the, to heck with this business, it's more headache than it's worth. And they were doing really powerful work and they were doing really important work. But then they throw it out because they've lost so much confidence. And like, we see this too, because we see the sales person's perspective more than most. We see when that happens, sometimes people can, like the sales rep psyched out completely, and the sales rep loses certainty in themselves, they lose confidence. And we see that the downward spiral goes really far sometimes. And, and, both from the business owner and sales rep perspective. It's like going into that space, it's, I don't know. It's not fun for anyone. You know?

Klara Adalena: [00:27:19]

It says different, right? If you could take the downward spiral or the upward spiral.

Mike Mark: [00:27:24]


Klara Adalena: [00:27:24]

The endpoint is totally different.

Mike Mark: [00:27:27]

Yeah, and it's all, it's just these little micro-decisions. It's not this massive thing. It's just these subtleties that occur and they stack up along the way and it starts to create that momentum and that momentum starts to be in your favor instead of against you.

Klara Adalena: [00:27:44]


Mike Mark: [00:27:45]

Yeah. It's a, it's a really neat process. What have you been discovering now that you're spending more time evolving into, you know, CEO Klara?

Klara Adalena: [00:27:59]

Yeah. Actually, I was totally surprised, by what I discovered. I thought, now I will do the, all my marketing things, you know, the things I never got around to, but actually what happened was I discovered all those things in my life that I had been pushing aside all the time. Yeah. Not now. I need to do this first for three years, right? So, my home was a mess. My personal life, I, I wouldn't say it was a mess, but there was a lot of things that really needed attention. So, it was actually very overwhelming the first week. So, I wasn't on the calls. It was like all those things suddenly started asking my attention.

It was shopping. But now it's two weeks later and my house is painted. I had a professional cleaning group, clean the whole thing, organized, professional organizer. No, so everything I need taken care of now. I look 10 years younger, I feel 10 years younger. So that was the first thing that happened.

Mike Mark: [00:29:07]


Klara Adalena: [00:29:08]


Mike Mark: [00:29:11]

It's interesting cause when the calls disappear, it's such a big void, it's such a big void, right? Like it's almost like your calendar, like what do I do with myself now?

Klara Adalena: [00:29:25]

Well, that was not the problem in my case.

Mike Mark: [00:29:28]


Klara Adalena: [00:29:29]

It just came overwhelming, it must like it sooner. This needs attention, this needs attention now, all the different areas of my life. I also discovered like, you know, more than money coming in also means more money is coming out, going out, and my credit cards are not up to that. So that was okay, yeah, that needs to be solved. I knew that for a year that needed to be solved, but now it's a problem. So you know, different things, all areas, it's all made of attention. But it's so good because you know those things are on your mind all the time, even as you keep pushing them away. And now it's like, yeah, they're being taken care of, and now I'm finding space for to really to be tied to the marketing and do the things that thought I would do straight away.

Mike Mark: [00:30:21]

Interesting. Yeah. So you almost say you took care of everything at home first, and then now you get to go into that. Do you, do you find, I know a lot of times people when they're going through the process, and I know maybe you may have felt this early on, so I'm curious to hear sort of your journey and your, discoveries with your relationship to building a team. And specifically, I remember at the live event you, you brought it up and you're like, I don't even know if I want to have a team. So what has that journey been? What were some of the sort of, ah, almost the, that issues that you had prior when you were building teams and maybe some of the traumas or the misguided beliefs or beliefs that you held that were limiting you, and then how have they shifted and what has been the outcome there?

Klara Adalena: [00:31:05]

Yeah, great question. I got to be the red cheeks, right? I have this belief and please don't work. They just want money, they don't want to work. I need to say it, but that was my belief. And of course, I was attracting those people, right? That's how it works. Not always, by the way, they were great people too, but when that belief is there, it somehow always ends up that way. And what's happening now is so far from that, so far from that. You know, when I had a bit of struggle getting the calendar filled, Katie and Natalie were so supportive. Like, you know, we just want to be here. We trust you. So it's totally different. Yeah. Brings tears to my eyes.

Mike Mark: [00:31:57]

I love that. It's so easy to, cause like when you do have these misadventures with building a team. Some of the first times it's so easy to just say, to heck with it. It's easier to do it myself or I'm going to do it myself cause it's faster or it's more efficient. I don't have to pay anyone. And have you noticed that now also like having a team has made the actual work, you're doing more enjoyable and more meaningful because you get to share the wins with people and like the celebrations are no longer you almost, in a way, celebrating them yourself but it's like a collective.

Klara Adalena: [00:32:40]

I was a bit on a dead end, right? And that's not a nice feeling that there was no real future except just. I think I've literally done enrollment calls every week for three years in a row. I never took a holiday for more than a week and often not even a week. And if I'd go on holiday, I still keep doing calls, right?

It's, it's a dead end. You can do that for some time, but you don't want to do that forever. So that's a huge shift and yeah, sharing it. It's, it is great. Absolutely.

Mike Mark: [00:33:19]

Yeah. And I also meant like with the client wins, right? So when you watch the clients get the wins and you get to go share them with your team, I feel like it's a completely different feeling.

Klara Adalena: [00:33:32]

Yeah, that's true. It's like seeing them with new eyes again. I think had gotten used to them, right? And then these new people have like, wow, that is really amazing.

Mike Mark: [00:33:44]

Yeah. Yeah. You almost forget cause it's so second nature to you. Just these like the miracle that is occurring in the work that we're doing. And then once you kind of wake up to it, it's like, it's the same thing for us. It's like, Oh yeah, I mean it's just like an additional 50 grand a month in like two months. What a big deal, that's not that big of a deal. And then it's like someone from the outside, it's like, wait, you just said what? And you're like, Oh my goodness. Yeah. Wild to see your own work sometimes with that fresh set of eyes.

Well, with respect to the team, what are now like the beliefs or the things that you find yourself thinking that have replaced some of those, those previous beliefs that you know, employees are just, they just want money. Like what, what now do you find yourself sometimes that pops up?

Klara Adalena: [00:34:42]

What comes up now is just I love working with these people.

Mike Mark: [00:34:46]


Klara Adalena: [00:34:47]

And what comes up is together we can get so much further, right? It's very classical. I do feel that together, I think it's so much further. I, I am really a person who loves expansion. I think that's why I never talked to me though. In 2019 I was kind of trying to sell on the webinar, which was fun too. But then you run into other problems. There are always problems, right? But that motivated me actually to go back to my tickets, the classical way and then, to just really tweak it, right, step by step and stop thinking that the golden thing will come, let's just tweak, tweak, tweak. And then when it really started to click and my enrollment page went up and the calls were actually more fun because all of them were qualified.

Yeah, then I kept thinking of you and like, I do want to go to the next step and I just don't want to stay here.

Mike Mark: [00:35:56]

I'm curious, cause I know in your case you wanted to come to the live event prior to deciding, okay, yeah, I'm ready. What I guess what happened at the live event that made you feel like, Oh, okay, it's time.

Klara Adalena: [00:36:15]

For me, it was the other way around, I knew it was time. Well, I want to be sure that we all felt it was time.

Mike Mark: [00:36:25]

Ah, okay, makes sense. And I, it's interesting cause like before, when I was prepping for the interview, I said this to Adriana, I was just like, I think had you not come to the event, I don't think it would've worked out. And the same level it has because I think that, I very vividly remember looking and like seeing, there are a few moments. One was when you saw the purpose of what you were doing in that fresh eyes again and you like really got like, okay, this is what it's about all over again almost. And then the other moment was when you did the huddle and you're like, I want a team. Cause like you said that early in the thing, it's like, I don't know if a team's for me and then when she did the huddle was like, I could do this. And that was such a big difference that I think that it's made it like all the difference in our work together.

Klara Adalena: [00:37:18]

Absolutely, absolutely. I don't think I would have gotten that idea. Yeah. What is really about the huddle if I hadn't seen that live there?

Mike Mark: [00:37:28]


Klara Adalena: [00:37:28]

So glad and it was just in time before the whole Corona thing. I think it was, so I was back one week and then all the flights started to be canceled, so I was so happy I was there on time.

Mike Mark: [00:37:42]

And that's, that brings up actually a really interesting question, like what was going through your mind? Because I mean, you're building your team and explaining your business, and then it's all in the middle of Corona, so.

Klara Adalena: [00:37:55]

That was something.

Mike Mark: [00:37:56]

Yeah. What was going on then and, and what were the things that kind of became aware of?

Klara Adalena: [00:38:02]

The first thing that came up was, you know, Moose, introduced these people. It felt so good. I was really feeling like this is going to work. I tried it so often, it didn't work before, now it's contour. And then Corona hits. Dating, right? People needing to meet each other. So my first thought was see, something always comes up to destroy it. But then it was a very conscious choice, like, you know, that is an old belief. I'm not going there. And I think it was one of the scariest things I did it, in my life to spend all that money on Facebook ads. People who are not enrolling yet, in Corona time, and they truly believe in it. But what I did, what really helped me was, you know, all my networks of people who are also into high ticket and reading every post, somebody who was enrolling and getting it paid in full. And yeah, you know that I kept you in into that. It is possible, it is possible. And then I think two or three weeks, and I wasn't enrolled in either those first weeks of Corona, but then it started with me doing like smaller enrollments, smaller program. And from there, you know, building up the trust again. But it took something. Yeah.

Mike Mark: [00:39:32]

I imagine, and, I imagine, like with the team too, you probably felt it on the meetings, even that little tension that was there. And again, like I sometimes I feel like, am I, I beat the thing to death, but it's like without the huddle if that tension is existing and you don't have that consistent cadence to have that contact, to have that communication, it's like it turns into something that we don't necessarily want it to become.

Klara Adalena: [00:40:00]

Yeah, and what has been really helpful is seeing my clients actually getting amazing results. Our results during Corona are better than before. There were always good. Clients are really thankful for what we're doing, finding their partners. During Corona, I think because the need is so big but we also, the way I teach dating actually, it doesn't make much difference whether you have to social distance or not. We are really good at dating apps. Dating is one of the areas which has gone online already, of course, before Corona. So seeing that and seeing the clients getting such amazing results also gave me a lot of confidence to just keep going.

Mike Mark: [00:40:54]

It's interesting. I mean like, something that we could perceive as like, Oh, that's the end, or like, this is going to totally take it out. And then here it is. It's like, yeah, from the other perspective, like the problem that you're helping people solve is, in a lot of ways, at least one part of the problem. There are more parts to the problem. I know that for sure, but one part of the problem is loneliness, right? And that feeling like, like I, I don't have that connection. I don't have that companionship that I really want and that I like, I feel like I need in order to feel like, to enjoy my life at the level I knew I could. And, that loneliness is only amplified by social distancing. And so with that amplification, it's like your work becomes even more important, not only to you, but to them. And then there was also better…

Klara Adalena: [00:41:44]

And into the man.

Mike Mark: [00:41:44]

Yeah. And into the man too. Yeah.

Klara Adalena: [00:41:46]

Yeah, so the man too, I, you know, having time and time not being busy with everything. And time to feel, well maybe I would like a stable relationship. So from all sides and tuning into that, and you know, for me, creating value for my clients is so important. Seeing them happy. So that was of course one of my doubts with Corona, and can I still make them happy, but seeing it happen, really helped to, keep doing it. And it's given me incredible compliments, you know if we can deal with Corona, start a team during Corona. I can do anything.

Mike Mark: [00:42:31]

Yeah. Yeah. That's so true. And that's, I mean, we're blessed to be working in the type of business that we have where we can deliver it remotely. We can work with our clients remotely. And, and that, the thing doesn't have to stop and in fact that you can grow through the crisis and that's really a testament to the power of the type of business that we're running.

Klara Adalena: [00:42:52]

Yeah, and for those things, it is essential to be part of a bigger community when you're just on your own. I don't think that could have done that. Latino, my own networks, having you all behind me, all of that together, then, we keep going.

Mike Mark: [00:43:11]

Yeah. Yeah, that's true and it's interesting, right? Cause like for us, for it, like I think that that first week that Corona hit, a lot of buying slowed because people were kind of like, I need to get my bearings as to what's happening. But then after it, it was like, it was like a week or two weeks after it hit, then everyone's just like, well let's just keep doing whatever we're going to do. And then they just kept like buying like normal. And then at that point, it was like, we saw all our clients are having record months and it was crazy. And then it's like, everybody is sitting there, with their limited data set. Because they only know their business and we get rid of the back ends of all of them. And we're coming to them like, “Hey guys like we're seeing this over here.” Like, this thing's going, and then not, okay, okay, and then their momentum would start to pick up. And it was like almost this cascading effect across.

Klara Adalena: [00:44:07]

Amazing, amazing time to live.

Mike Mark: [00:44:10]

Yeah. It really is. I mean, it's like a, this is one for the textbooks, you know, in all the history books around the world. This is going to be in it, and we've lived through it and grown through it. So it's a really cool moment.

Klara Adalena: [00:44:23]

Yeah, and for me, you know, one of my clients who actually got into a relationship a few months before Corona and decided to lock down with her new partner and to, to, you know, read her posts saying we had our crisis. So with the tools I learned with Klara, we were able to deal with it, and now we actually, now things are lighting up. We are saying to each other, we don't want to be apart again. We want to seriously live together. Yeah. Those things are so amazing to hear back.

Mike Mark: [00:44:57]

That's cool. Wow. Wow. Let's see if we have any questions. Does anyone have any questions for Klara? Let's see. If you guys do put your questions in. What's up, Joe? Yeah, I'd like to take at least a couple of minutes to hit a few questions if you guys have any, overall though, I mean, I, it's been very fun to watch your journey and to watch it over such an extended timeline. You know, it's not just that, yeah, it's amazing. Yeah. It's so fun. And, just you are really tenacious in your pursuit of, the building of what you want and you hold the vision really clearly. And it's, don't get me wrong, you still have your doubts, you still have your fears, you still have the beliefs that come up, but you're willing to observe them. The one thing I think that you do really well is you don't think that your, your thoughts, your thoughts, and you are separate. And so you have the ability to detach and suspend your thought and then observe it and then qualify. Like, is this belief true? Is this thing serving me and is this really my belief? Or is it just something that's existing? And you can let go of those things that are not serving you.

Klara Adalena: [00:46:23]

Thank you.

Mike Mark: [00:46:25]

Yeah, of course. And overall, I mean, the next phase is that, that we'll have here in terms of going through it, it's like the sales team's going to grow. Then we're going to start to see your time starts to go into different components and, and shifting into that CEO role more and more and more, to where, you know, first you got to build the team that can get the work done. Then you have to build a team that then can build the team, which is a whole another set of problems. And it's a fun set of problems. But…

Klara Adalena: [00:47:03]

I'm not ready to go there yet.

Mike Mark: [00:47:05]

Yeah, no, but you gotta know where the next thing is.

Klara Adalena: [00:47:08]

Maybe in a year, it will be different, or a half year.

Mike Mark: [00:47:11]

Yeah. You'll be surprised. I mean, I think you move pretty fast, so yeah. Once you know, what's on the other side, I think you get there faster. So, but yeah, you, you go from here to then, you know, now you've nailed your system. So it's the system that solves the problem. You've got your people enrolling for you, you know. Gradually and this might be the next. Challenges letting go of some of the coachings, and then it's like, Oh my goodness, but the people are paying to coach with me and I give it time, I'm the one that's doing this coaching. But then when you really lean on the system, it's like the system's doing the work and people aren't paying to work with you. They're paying for an outcome, and if the outcome can reliably happen without you, that's just a testament to the power of the system that you've built. And then who knows? It's cruise time. Yeah. Then you'll have a clean house. Maybe take a cruise. Who knows what's next?

Klara Adalena: [00:48:12]

Well, if I take a cruise, I'll be the skipper. That's one of my dreams, to sail sailing y'all to cross the Atlantic.

Mike Mark: [00:48:20]


Klara Adalena: [00:48:22]


Mike Mark: [00:48:23]

That'd be cool.

Klara Adalena: [00:48:25]

Absolutely. It's coming closer and closer.

Mike Mark: [00:48:29]

We're getting there. I appreciate you taking the time. If anyone wants to find out more about you in the work that you're doing, where would they be able to find you?

Klara Adalena: [00:48:38]

Facebook, Klara Adalena.

Mike Mark: [00:48:40]

Yup. And so overall, aside from there, do you have a website? Do you have anything where you'd want them to check out or pretty much just on Facebook?

Klara Adalena: [00:48:50], that's my website. Now, I had finally time to move to a different server, so it's fast. You just type it in and you get to see something. Yeah. LinkedIn. I never checked LinkedIn, to be honest.

Mike Mark: [00:49:07]

So Facebook or

Klara Adalena: [00:49:09]

Facebook. Yup.

Mike Mark: [00:49:11]

Okay, perfect. I appreciate you taking the time out to do the interview and go through this, in, in…

Klara Adalena: [00:49:18]


Mike Mark: [00:49:19]

Like, I thought it was really interesting because, at the event, I never expected you to do the interview with us, at the event when you're like, I don't do testimonials. I'm like, alright, and then…

Klara Adalena: [00:49:30]

It was not the moment for me. It was all like, no, we didn't have any results yet. So, I felt, I can't really be positive. Now that this is happening, I was really shooting, you know, these guys are amazing, they're doing amazing work, and I love giving back too.

Mike Mark: [00:49:49]

I appreciate that. And, and, Cody, Moose, all of them have been so stoked to on, on how you're showing up and the way that the process has been unfolding for you. And it's fun because you know, to know that this is only the start, right? And when is that 25K week becomes possible? Then it becomes consistent, you know? And then once it's consistent, then we crack our 100K month, and then from there starting to incrementally get better and better, and it's just how it goes. So.

Klara Adalena: [00:50:20]

Step by step.

Mike Mark: [00:50:21]


Klara Adalena: [00:50:22]

Good. Thank you so much, Mike.

Mike Mark: [00:50:26]

Thank you. Klara. It's been a blast.

Klara Adalena: [00:50:28]