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Emergence Disrupt

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Yousef Badou is a former Marine and the founder and CEO of Emergence Disrupt. They coach people on situational awareness and behavioral analysis so they can spot violence before it happens.

Yousef enrolled in our Scale Your Sales™ program and we helped him recruit some sales reps. And I interviewed him to find out what his experience was like working with us.

During the call he disclosed that the sales reps we placed boosted his closing rate from 25% to 57%.


  • [05:40] Why a scalable business is like being locked in a cage with a lion.
  • [12:00] Why Yousef uses surveys everywhere he can in his business.
  • [15:10] We asked Yousef to rank the reps we found him and predict who’d be the best fit. Was his ranking and prediction accurate?
  • [20:15] Yousef’s revenue like before and after Coaching Sales found him sales reps.
  • [22:30] When to go after enterprise clients.
emergence disrupt yousef badou situation awareness behavioral analysis coaching

“We went from 25% to 57% closing rate”

Yousef Badou got into business about four years ago after many years serving in the Marine Corps as an infantryman.

He never had a burning desire or interest in business until he actually came into the industry by chance, from a program on situational awareness that was offered to him through the military.

This program lit a fire under him and pushed him to create his own business, which he’s been able to scale massively with the help of our team here at Coaching Sales.

There's no voodoo, no secret

“There's no fancy voodoo, there's no secret. There's no trick. It's about working hard and thinking smarter, and applying yourself.”

It wasn’t until his second year in business that he decided to apply himself. Yousef took measures to scale his business in such a way that he wouldn’t be trading time for money any more.

He started playing the long-game.

The best sales organizations do this

“One of the things I do with my reps that you guys brought me and we continue to do is, let's say we're running a campaign. I will look at it and I'll ask myself the same thing I used to ask my Marines… We'll do an autopsy before the event happens. We'll do an autopsy on the outcome of the event.”

This is something every sales team and marketing team ought to do.

How to solve 95% of customer service issues

Yousef implemented an onboarding call for new clients.

“That one right there, that trick is absolute gold. Your customers have a name, they have a face. And just that right there can probably solve 95% of your customer service issues.”

Instead of solving problems, solve the root cause. You'll eliminate the problems entirely.

Do you use surveys? How many?

“When you're running your people through the funnel, have a survey everywhere when they're getting through the module and it's like a temperature check to see what they're doing. Have some type of function to capture those people that you're not converting.”

This doesn't only apply to your sales funnel. Do it for client fulfillment too.

Work ON your business not IN it

“It has been a hard 180 turn for me from being in the trenches, you know, basically owning my job to stopping on a dime and going, ‘Hey, all that stuff you've been fighting for two years, don't worry about that.’”

It's tough to lead from inside the trenches. You need time and space to see the big picture and think three or four moves ahead.

What's it like working with Coaching Sales?

“They're rocking and rolling, and they're doing their thing. Right now, I'm headed up north to Santa Barbara, cuz it's me and my wife's wedding anniversary. And so I'm getting on the road right now. And my reps got nine book calls today. I don't think that would've been possible without you… I was clearing 25, 30% conversion on the phone and now they're clearing 57% of the phone calls I throw at them.”

Buy back your time, be able to live your life again, AND double your conversion rate? What's not to love about that?

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