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CoachingSales Partner Resources

Hello, partners! On this page, you'll find a bunch of resources you can use to promote to your audience.

This page is a work-in-progress. If you have any suggestions about how we can improve this page and make your life easier, email us at

About CoachingSales is a sales consultancy that recruits, trains, and manages sales teams. Our best clients are usually agencies, high-ticket coaches, and consultants. Over the past year-and-a-half, we've helped 55 business owners go from 6- to 7-figure run rates. We've also helped a few clients take a brand new offer from zero to a 7-figure run-rate in under 6 months.

Our founder is Mike Mark. He's a consultative salesperson with a track record of $5 million in deals closed. Before starting helped go from $100,000 per year to $1,000,000 per year in 3 months. And 6 months after that, to $2 million per year. Mike also helped Traffic & Funnels go from $80,000 per month to $500,000 per month in 6 months. He also built their sales team and systems from the ground up. offers the following services:

  1. Recruit A Rockstar – Our flagship offer. We introduce our clients to 4 proven 7-figure sales reps in 7 days or their money back.
  2. Scale Your Sales – The upgrade to Recruit A Rockstar. Here, we recruit, onboard, and train the sales reps for our clients.
  3. Close More Clients – Sometimes business owners come to us who don't qualify for Recruit A Rockstar. In this case, we work with them until their lead generation and conversion rates get to a level where hiring a sales rep makes sense.
  4. Sales Development Representatives – For clients who have significant lead volume, we recruit “setters” to help them sift through and forward only the most qualified to the sales reps.
  5. Virtual Assistants – For clients who need help with admin and mundane tasks, we recruit virtual assistants so they can delegate and save time.

Below, you'll find resources to help you promote our different offers.

Recruit A Rockstar, Scale Your Sales

Mini-webinar – Want A Superstar Salesperson Within The Next 7 Days?

Lead magnet – Get Off The Phones: How The Right Salesperson Can Boost Revenues By $1M+ Per Year.

Testimonials – check out our Youtube playlist and channel.

Close More Clients

Lead magnet – The Hollywood Sales Method: How To Close Prospects Like Shakespeare And Scorcese.

Lead magnet – The 4 Communication Styles You'll Hear On Sales Calls.

To be continued…

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