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How To Attract Million-Dollar Salespeople Who Are A Perfect Fit For Your Company

The story so far:

  1. Mike Mark has dialed in his system of attracting, training, and managing sales teams
  2. Over 3 years, has helped over 150+ business hit $1 million run rates and placed over 3,000 sales pros.

The value proposition is, “We’ll introduce you to 4 proven 7-figure salespeople in 7 days, or your money back.”

That’s a hell of a promise. I’m inclined to call bullshit. I let the thought pass.

Instead, I ask him how he does it.

“The truth is, it’s just math. Simple funnel math. And that ultimately turns into a problem. Because the business owner doesn’t have the time or patience to do it. I mean, I’m counting on them not wanting to do it. That’s my entire business model.”

“We’re talking to 200+ people at a time. Out of those 200, we’ll get on the phone with, say, 75 to 100. Out of the candidates we talk to on the phone, we’ll put 20 to 25 through an assessment. Based on the results of the assessment, we shortlist 2 to 4 candidates.”

“That’s all it is. You have to talk to enough people at the top of the hiring funnel to end up with the right people at the bottom. And then, it’s also a matter of consistency. It’s like running your ads. You don’t stop running ads. You keep them going and optimize as you go.”

Hmm…that’s a lot different from what I see entrepreneurs doing.

Usually, they’ll post a job ad in a Facebook group, get a ton of comments saying, “DM’d you,” and end up overwhelmed.
No way to vet them. No process to qualify them. Just get on the phone and hire someone based on “gut feel” (remember, that’s a no-no.)

“Yeah, the first time around, they have no fucking clue what they’re doing. They think they do, but they don’t. Building a sales team is a really complex problem to solve. It might be the most complex problem I’ve ever solved.”

“And unless they’ve done it before, the entrepreneur doesn’t have the knowledge to do it themselves. They’re just like me, except I got lucky my first two times. And the odds of them getting that lucky are really low.”

Okay, so they’re running a “7-figure salesperson attraction system” at scale. And that’s getting them a ton of volume at the top of the hiring funnel. Enough to allow them to be picky and only shortlist the best of the best.

Mike must be running a shitton of ads to do this.

“Well, yes and no. The thing is, when we run this attraction system at scale, we have a lot of people come to us by word of mouth. You know, ‘cause real recognize real.

“Salespeople understand that we ‘get’ them, and they’ll want to work with us or refer their friends. Or the people we’ve placed who’re killing it on offers, they’ll recommend sales pros they think are a good fit. Or there are sales coaches who have stand-out talent that they want to place on offers ASAP, so they send them to us.”

“And so, because we’re running so much marketing and we’re consistently placing sales reps on offers, we also get this magnetic pull on the best candidates. Our clients just don’t have the economies of scale to attract the quantity and quality of talent we do.”

But attracting the best sales talent is just one piece of the ATM puzzle. Once you’ve got them on the team, now you have to train them.

And you have to watch out for overtraining them. ‘Cause as we’ve just seen, overtraining your reps can turn them into imbeciles who can’t tie their own shoelaces.

“You know, when I came into, they didn’t have shit for training. The business owner didn’t train me at all. I just took calls and started closing deals right away because I’m so good.

“Honestly, I’d rather see someone undertraining a closer than overtrain. Because like I found out the hard way at Traffic And Funnels, you can take a good salesperson put them in a broken system, and ruin them. That’s what made us lose 9 whole months, spinning our wheels and burning through closers.”

Okay. But they do have to have some sort of training, right? How does do that for clients?

“Yeah, we run them through a process I call ‘Ramp Up And Calibration’…”

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  1. Hiring sales pros is a ‘funnel math’ problem
  2. Many businesses don’t have the economies of scale to attract enough candidates at the top of the hiring funnel.
  3. runs its own marketing just for hiring sales pros, and get many referrals through word-of-mouth because ‘real recognize real.’