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The Third Time I Built A Million-Dollar Business, Was Born…

The story so far:

  1. Mike helped Traffic and Funnels go from 80k MRR to 500k MRR in 6 months.
  2. He was terrible at hiring, training and managing sales reps. He ended up ruining 4 or 5 of them, and was responsible for 40% of the company’s revenue generated (a terrible place to be in if your job is to be the sales manager.)
  3. Only by stripping down their training system and coaching the reps to trust their instincts and apply their own judgement, did he manage to turn the team around and remove himself from sales calls.

Mike Mark has had an eventful few years since leaving Traffic And Funnels:

  • Helped 150+ businesses hit million-dollar run rates.
  • Helped High Ticket Coaching Academy bring in a sales rep who is closing $200K+ per month.
  • Worked with over a dozen 8-figure coaching businesses
  • Helped Tyler Narducci go from nothing to $70K per month in 60 days (and he’s now doing $600K+/mo)

It’s safe to say he’s well beyond the fluke stage of, and the good- player- turned- awful- coach stage of Traffic and Funnels.

The only way someone can have results like this is if they’ve turned their skills into a system. One that can be taught, replicated, and scaled.

So, what’s the secret sauce?

Mike calls it ATM (like the cash machine):

  • Attraction
  • Training
  • Management

And his system has helped over a dozen entrepreneurs finally get off the phones, buy back their time, and make enough space to breathe.

It’s also had some unintended side-effects.

“Yo, did you see [redacted]’s post in the [redacted] Facebook group? He’s like we’ll do this, this, and this for you…and it’s exactly your offer, word-for-word. I thought it was pretty funny.”

“Oh yeah, people jack our shit all the time, dude. It’s so consistent. Attacks on all fronts. [redacted] just posted a similar thing in his Facebook group too.”

“We get competitors hitting us up in DMs, talking about ‘Hey man, let’s collaborate. I see a lot of synergies between what our companies are doing.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, right. Synergy. Sure.’”

“Or we’ll get people get on calls with us, ‘fake’ trying to work with us, when what they’re really trying to do is reverse-engineer or offer. So obvious. So we tell them a bunch of fake shit. And they’re gonna go and try it and it’ll blow up in their faces. It’s part of the reason why we deliver offers over the phone – to protect it and increase their longevity in the market. But yeah, I guess it’s a good sign.”

It certainly is.

What Mike has going for him, though, is the offer is based on his journey – from salesman to sales manager to sales consultant – and solving his own problems.

This puts him in a unique position – he’s been both inside looking out and outside looking in – over his competitors, who are trying to solve a problem in the market they haven’t really solved for themselves.

“So, let’s dig a little deeper into the salesman attraction process. I mean, don’t want you to give away all your secrets. But you gotta give the people something other than ‘talk to a shitton of prospects.’”

“Ok, yeah, let’s get into that…”

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  1. The market is dynamic and your offer doesn’t exist in a vacuum.
  2. Competitors are going to do everything they can to take you out.
  3. You need to do everything you can to protect your offer.