Aselection of testimonials from our happy clients. We've helped over 100 agency owners and high-ticket coaches go from 6- to 7-figure run rates. Over a dozen have hit 8-figures.

Scale Your Sales™

Aleric Heck

“8 of our 10 sales reps came from CoachingSales.com”

Jeff Miller
Cool Beans Digital

“I saved 3-4 hrs per day & got a higher yield on sales calls.”

David Melman

“Their closers brought in $10 million in sales”

JR Rivas
Instant Leverage

“I thought I could build a sales team myself.”

Jay & Samera H.
Trailer Cash Academy

“Taking sales calls all day was hurting our marriage.”

Jim Fisher

“You guys are just dialed in. We're on a rocket ship.”

Done For You Setters™

Connor Robertson

“No question, hands-down the best investment we've made this year.”

Ahmad Munawar
Boutique Growth

“Ultimately, this Setter program is what unlocked scale in my business.”

Lani Nalu
Life Coach For Women

“This is the most impactful thing we've done in our business.”