“Beat The Recession” Objection Handling Masterclass (All Proceeds Go To Charity)

This video announcement was recorded before the masterclass took place. You can purchase a video recording of the event by clicking here.

I used to work in the hospitality industry. I was a bellman and a front desk receptionist. I know what it’s like for your life to depend on tips. I know what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck. To not know if you’re going to be able to make your rent if an emergency happens.

It sucks. It’s not fun.

We're in quite possibly one of the strangest times and this is something that we're going to remember our entire lives. It’s going to be like 9/11 – all of us remember exactly where we were when we found out – and the economic consequences that came out of the event. It will impact businesses dramatically.

It's been interesting to see everybody's opinions back and forth. Some people say it's just panic. Other people are trying to prepare and get an idea of what the data says so they can have accurate ideas on how to address this.

We've seen a lot of people step up and lead. We’ve also seen a lot of people turn this situation into a marketing ploy. And they just look like jackasses, hard-selling whatever their offer is.

But here's what I want to do. Our whole team, we've had some conversations internally about how we can do our part. How do we help not only the people that we serve – the salespeople, the business owners – and the economy as much as we can, but also the people who are going to find themselves in dire straits over the next several months.

We hosted a paid workshop with all proceeds going to charity.

In this 2-hour intensive workshop, we will do a deep dive on how to handle the “recession” objection. We're going to hear this on the phones a lot and we better be prepared for it. We need to adapt messaging. We need a way to handle this objection and, even better, prevent the objection altogether and use it as an advantage. That's the kind of alchemy or judo we’re going to discover during the workshop.

If you want the replay, the investment is $100. And 100% of the proceeds will go to people who are in need because they’ve lost their job.

To purchase your copy, simply click on the button at the bottom of this page.

We want to do our part to help those most affected by this crisis. The people who no longer have jobs. The people who can no longer go to their jobs. And so, we want you to join us in that.

If you do, you’ll discover:

  • How to take objections and make them work for you as opposed to against you.
  • How to create urgency to get people to realize they need to buy today and buy now, not sometime in the future
  • How to convince them holding onto cash for a later date is not the right move.
  • How to show up strong and lead – whether you’re a business owner or a salesperson – and help people overcome their fear.
  • And much more.

Look, it's okay to be concerned. It's okay to take precautions. It’s okay for us to be strategic and methodical with our decisions.

But fear will not serve us.

We want to be objective, look at the data, and make decisions that are going to benefit us in the long-term. To invest strategically. So, how do you show up in a way that inspires people to make these decisions? That's what this workshop will be all about.

We’re going to reveal:

  • The exact methods that we're using in our own offers and coaching our clients on.
  • The numbers we're seeing – one of the advantages we have is we get behind-the-scenes access to everybody's numbers.

All the big boys and the big girls that are spending a lot of money on ads, we know what’s going on. We know exactly how ad spends are converting. We can see what's happening on sales calls. We can see what's happening in terms of lead costs and application costs.

Certain industries are getting f*cked. Certain industries are prospering. Certain messaging is working. And others are completely bombing.

We have that data and we want to give you what we're seeing, so you're equipped to handle this. So that you don’t run over by the pain train that’s going to hit the businesses that are not prepared. And in the process of getting this competitive advantage, you’ll also be doing a good thing by donating to charity to help those in need.

So, let’s step up together, as business owners, as salespeople, and just as f*cking problem solvers. People who actually give a sh*t. People who are out there to serve in the best way possible. People who are able to take a difficult situation, turn it into an advantage, and keep moving forward.

Because ultimately, the sales must go on.

If you stop selling, the economy stops. Sh*t’s already starting to hit the fan and stopping is the worst thing you can do right now.

People are out there. They have money. They’re spending it. And you’ve got to make sure commerce continues.

So, one more time…

Get Your Copy Of The Replay Today

Click on the button below to purchase your copy of the “Beat The Recession” Objection Handling Masterclass.

It's a $100 investment and one hundred percent of the proceeds will go to charity.

We're going to help people in difficult circumstances due to job loss or being unable to work.

And if you have friends who might benefit from this workshop, please share this post with them.

So, let’s do this. Let’s make this the greatest opportunity of our lives. And let’s continue to grow through it and become anti-fragile.

God bless you.

Mike Mark – CEO, CoachingSales.com

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